*Unique, well proven design

*Pressurized fluid avoids problem of free play

*Adjustable in 24 well defined clicks

*Mounted outside of the fork leg or across the frame behind the triple clamp

*Universal parts for race bikes available


Universal Stabilizer Linear CSC Steering Shock Absorber for Kawasaki Yamaha Honda Ducati BMW Suzuki

A steering damper or steering stabilizer is a damper device designed to suppress undesired, uncontrolled movement or vibration of the steering mechanism of the vehicle, which is a known oscillating phenomenon in motorcycles.
Motorcycles with short wheelbase and powerful steering geometry can change direction quickly. As a side effect, bicycles are less stable, have less feedback from uneven roads, and are more difficult to control. If the front wheels are not completely aligned with the direction of travel when they are contacted by small wheels, they may cause unnecessary oscillations. The steering dampers are installed in the factory on more and more high-end motorcycles, not only sporty, but also large exposed roads. This is to fight these bad behaviors. Steering dampers provide comfort and safety.

Steering the shock absorber minimizes this risk. These swings - tanks - hum - and vibrations are intercepted by dampers. So you can use your bike to drive the way you want and react in the way you want in an unexpected situation.

This is one of the top products in the “conventional” steering damper range. It is a linear damped steering damper with 22 clicks for fine adjustment. It provides a comfortable ride for the rider and ensures that it is not knocked down by the fast steering movement of the bike.

Condition: 100% brand new
Product Name: Universal Stabilizer Damper Complete Steering Mounting Bracket
Color: black red blue gold titanium silver
Weight: 0.6KG
Material Type: CNC Aluminum
Project length: 24 cm
Project width: 3 cm
Item height: 5 cm

100% new high quality.
It is durable and convenient.
The design is simple and easy to use.

Helps maintain control and reduce fatigue
Ultra-precision machine cutting, ultra-lightweight construction, high precision and high quality.
Made of durable aluminum with extremely high strength.
Easy to install without any modifications.
Antioxidant, long lasting.
Guarantee the highest quality and safety
Easy installation

Universal stabilizer damper complete steering mounting bracket

Universal CNC Stabilizer Steering Damper Fits Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki

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